Jonathan Leder is an American Photographer, Publisher, and Filmmaker. 



With his provocative works often finding their way to gallery walls and the collections of art connoisseurs, photographer Jonathan Leder stands out in today’s contemporary art world. Leder's goal is to explore the female form, in a more modern way than Egon Schiele and more natural way than Alberto Vargas. He stays away from harsher terminology, such as the word ‘erotica’, to describe his work. One of his bigger projects a few years ago was starting an erotic magazine, Jaques, but he insists the print magazine aimed for an Americana old-school feel rather than hyper-sexualized format.

Leder’s process is less conventional than most photographers and he confides that he works more slowly than others. The act of shooting, that technical process of photographing is not what drives him. Instead,  Leder is chasing an end result, content on focusing on what the photo itself will create. Leder became a fan of (basically extinct) polaroid film when he first moved upstate where a photo lab wasn’t just a subway ride away. He’s drawn to the fact that there are finite number of photos possible and enjoys the instant gratification of seeing the results of each shoot right away.

There is an obsession today with the minutia of technique in shooting with digital cameras. Polaroid film, on the other hand, encourages an intimacy and spontaneity that Leder explores in honest detail. There is intention behind his work and a mission to fill a current void of the art world .

- Paste Magazine, 2017